10 LA Fashion Bloggers Reveal Their Most Insta-Worthy Brunch Spots

LA is the place to be for brunch, but if you didn’t Instagram it, were you really even there?

We’re always looking for the hottest places to brunch, but the food is not our only priority. Half the reason we brunch is to take a week’s worth of adorable instas.

Therein lies the challenge: we set out to find brunch spots with, not only the best food, but also the best aesthetic. In order to do this, we reached out to experts in the field.

10 LA fashion bloggers gave us their expert advice and we’ve compiled a go-to brunch bucket list just for you.


by Shalice Noel

ledlow dtla brunch fashionpass
photo: @ledlowdtla
photo: @musingsofamoon

“My fave spot is Ledlow for the most amazing avocado toast.” —Shalice Noel

shalice noel fashion pass ledlow brunch
photo: @shalicenoel

Shalice Noel is an LA-based fashion blogger who has adds a more personal touch to all her fashion incites. Through this, she has built an incredibly connected community surrounding her blog.

Shalice is an insta pro so trust us when we say she knows all the best places to get that perfect pic.

Located in the heart of DTLA, Ledlow is Shalice’s go-to for brunch in LA. This American bar and cafe does everything from buttermilk pancakes to homemade granola or mimosas. This place is chic AF and makes for the perfect flatlay or backdrop for a stunning ootd.

What to order? Shalice recommends the avo toast. You can thank her later.

Be sure to check out Shalice Noel on her blog and Insta for more inspo!


by Caroline Juen (of Love and Loathing LA)

thelaskinny tasting kitchen caroline juen fashionpass brunch
photo: @thelaskinny
tasting kitchen designarama brunch fashionpass caroline juen love and loathing la
photo: @designarama

Tasting Kitchen has been an LA mainstay for years, and there’s just something extra special about the weekend buzz, the sun shining through those big glass windows, the craft brunch cocktails, the meal, and most importantly that beautiful *and delicious* sticky bun – so many Insta worthy moments to be had!” –Caroline Juen (of Love and Loathing LA)

photo: @loveandloathingla

Caroline Juen is the face behind Love & Loathing LA, a lifestyle blog that combines food, fashion, and fun to show off the best parts of what Caroline believes to be “one of the most misunderstood cities in the world.”

Having explored LA for years now, Caroline is more than an expert. Do yourself a favor and head over to Tasting Kitchen this weekend and order some sticky buns.

Tasting Kitchen is located on Abbott Kinney in Venice and has an unbeatable aesthetic if you’re looking for an insta that will make all your friends jealous.

Check out Caroline’s blog, Love and Loathing LA! And don’t forget to check out her Insta for an expert’s guide to LA.


by Caitlyn Chase (of Caviar and Cashmere)

photo: @bmarcello4
photo: @malibufarm

“If you like your brunch with a view, it’s hard to top Malibu Farm. Sitting on the end of the iconic Malibu Pier, perched above the Pacific Ocean, this casual spot is a beachlover’s dream. Think simple, fresh, organic foods — with a few Swedish influences. My personal favorite is the Swedish mini pancakes with whipped cream and berries.” —Caitlyn Chase (of Caviar and Cashmere)

photo: @caitlynchase

Having started her blog, Caviar and Cashmere, back in 2012, Caitlyn Chase has since started her own high-end accessory line built around the concept of her brand and blog.

As a luxury lifestyle expert, Caitlyn knows how to do brunch right.

As recommended by Caitlyn, Malibu Farm is located just off the PCH at the end of Malibu Pier. From a green juice to a breakfast burrito, Malibu Farm has it all.

Be sure to try out Caitlyn’s personal fave, the Swedish mini pancakes with whipped cream and berries. Incredible food and an unbeatable view? What’s not to love?

Stay up to date with Caitlyn on her blog, Caviar and Cashmere, as well as her Insta!


by Racquel Natasha 

photo: @cafegratitude
photo: @cafegratitude

“My favorite plant based restaurant downtown. The menu full of positive and rich colorful ingredients! the interior beams of natural light,  white marble counter tops, wood furniture, gold accents and succulents all around make it the perfect instagrammable spot!” —Racquel Natasha

photo: @racquelnatasha

Racquel Natasha is an LA blogger who does it all: fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle. To say she’s an expert on the local LA brunch scene would be an understatement. Her aesthetic is flawless and her insta is to-die-for.

Cafe Gratitude in the Arts District has captured Racquel’s heart and will, without a doubt, capture ours as well. A plant-based restaurant, this cafe does gourmet cousine right.

They have something for everyone – try the breakfast taco plate or if you’re craving something sweet, check out the French Toast! Racquel can’t get enough of the aesthetic of this place. Make all your friends jealous of your insta feed after a few pics here.

Don’t forget to stay up-to-date with all things Racquel by following her blog, Racquel Natasha, and Insta!


by Jennifer Wilson (of Modern Ensemble)

photo: @bevhillshotel

photo: @bevhillshotel

“My favorite brunch spot is probably the Beverly Hills Hotel, Polo Lounge.  It has that old hollywood glam feel and I love how iconic the hotel is, plus the food is amazing.” —Jennifer Wilson (of Modern Ensemble)

photo: @modernensemble

Having founded her blog, Modern Ensemble, back in 2013, Jennifer Wilson is an expert in all things fashion and interior design (with some lifestyle, food, and travel mixed in there too).

To say she’s the ultimate expert in aesthetic would be an understatement.

Her favorite brunch spot, the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel, captures that aesthetic perfectly. Jennifer describes it as an “old hollywood glam feel.” You best believe we’ll be taking some killer instas here.

Modern Ensemble is a must-have for all you babes so don’t forget to check out the blog, and follow Jennifer on Insta too!


by Samantha Lauren (of What Would Kiki Wear)

photo: @mrnoye
photo: @bevhillshotel

“My favorite brunch spot is the Cabana Cafe at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Everything is pink and green and it’s such a restaurant right next to the pool. I would highly recommend the smoked salmon eggs benedict and frozen latte. They are both so good!” —Samantha Lauren (of What Would Kiki Wear)

photo: @whatwouldkikiwear

Samantha Lauren is the face behind, What Would Kiki Wear, a blog for all you babes who want to stay up to date on all the latest fashion trends.Despite having grown up in the South, she knows all the hottest spots in LA for an aesthetically pleasing brunch with your besties.

Her personal fave is Cabana Cafe at Beverly Hills Hotel. Sitting poolside, surrounded by palm trees and pastel pink decor sounds pretty good to us.

Not to mention, they serve breakfast all day so you don’t even have to worry about trying to wake up before noon. Samantha recommends trying the smoked salmon eggs benedict and a frozen latte on your next visit.

Follow Samantha’s blog, What Would Kiki Wear, as well as her Insta for daily updates!


by Francis Lola (of Flamcis)

photo: @dohenyroom
photo: @dohenyroom

“I love Doheny Room. I stopped by recently for brunch and menu is completely underrated. Not only is the food amazing, but the decor inside is chic yet laid-back at the same time.” —Francis Lola (of Flamcis)

photo: @flamcis

Francis Lola will steal your heart with her blog on all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel. She has a flawless aesthetic that immediately captured our attention. We had to know her perfect brunch spot, not only for food, but for aesthetic as well.

Doheny Room is Francis’s top pick for best brunch and it did not disappoint. Try the avo toast and grab yourself a glass of wine for the perfect afternoon with your favorite people.

Francis got it right when she described the aesthetic as “chic yet laid back.” You’ll have plenty of backgrounds to choose from at this place and enjoy an amazing meal while you’re at it.

Don’t forget to check out Francis Lola’s blog and Insta to stay updated!


by Candy Washington (of Actress with Style)

photo: @cecconiswh
photo: @cecconiswh

“My favorite go-to spot for brunch is Cecconi’s in West Hollywood. The omelette with swiss chard and goat cheese is my usual dish.” —Candy Washington (of Actress with Style)

photo: @candywashington

Actress, host, and blogger, Candy is crazy talented. She knows all things fashion and lifestyle and shares all her tips on her blog, Actress with Style. She was sweet enough to share her favorite brunch spot with us and we are so beyond excited to try it.

On the corner of Melrose and Robertson, Cecconi’s combines modern with classic Italian. Brunch is only served on the weekends, but it’s well worth it.

Candy recommends trying her usual order: the omelette with swiss chard and goat cheese. With the classic Italian look and a few great dishes, you’ll be set for instas.

Candy’s blog, Actress with Style, is a must-have in your life so be sure to check it out and follow her Insta as well!


by Sophie Elkus (of Angel Food Style)

photo: @bbcmcafe
photo: @bbcmcafe

“My favorite brunch spot in LA is The Butcher, the Baker, the Cappuccino Maker” on Sunset.” —Sophie Elkus (of Angel Food Style)

photo: @sophieelkus

Sophie Elkus created her blog, Angel Food Style, back in 2013 as a “personal look book of style.” As an influencer and creator, Sophie celebrates fashion and empowers women worldwide. Given her expertise on all things aesthetic and LA, we had to know where she brunches.

The Butcher, the Baker, the Cappuccino Maker is Sophie’s GO-TO. In her own blog, she wrote that “the blue tiled floors, the adorable patio with bright yellow cushions and striped pillows are only half the appeal. Marble tables, string lights, and a washroom that looks like a vintage dressing room is the rest.” Read more about her favorite brunch spot in her blog post here!

Sophie’s blog, Angel Food Style, is a necessity in your life. Trust us when we say you need to check it out. Also check out her Insta for more daily updates!


by Alisha Moon (of Musings of a Moon)

photo: @kreationjuice
photo: @kreationjuice

Kreation on Montana Avenue is my favorite because of the ideal location and extensive menu. They offer everything from wraps to acai bowls to fresh pressed juice. Not to mention you can stroll right across the street to Art’s Table for a Mimosa After.” —Alisha Moon (of Musings of a Moon)

photo: @musingsofamoon

As a SoCal native, Alisha knows all there is to know about brunching in LA. Her lifestyle blog aims to take a more realistic approach on style, home decor, beauty, and cooking.

Kreation is an organic juicery based in LA with several locations across the city. Alisha’s personal fave is the location on Montana Avenue.

The acai bowls are to-die-for and the pressed juice is incredible. Do yourself a favor and check out Kreation on your next brunch outing (perfect for a post-workout meal).

Head over to Alisha’s blog, Musings of a Moon, for more tips on all things fashion and lifestyle. Don’t forget to follow her Insta for daily updates!


Well, there you have it: the most instagrammable brunch spots in LA as told by 10 LA fashion bloggers. We are so beyond excited to try each and everyone one of these. Don’t forget to go check out all the bloggers and their instagrams!

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Grace Hart

Grace is a UCLA sophomore majoring in Communication and Neuroscience. She’s a sucker for brunch and will never get tired of Avo Toast. She has a crush on the world and is always down for an adventure (especially if it means some killer instas).

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