The Fashion Girl’s Guide To Jet Setting: Outfits For Every City On Your Bucket-List

Each of the 50 states has its own fashion flair, but it isn’t always easy to style yourself for a place you’re unfamiliar with. That’s why we’re sharing influencer-approved tips from fashion gurus who are based in the most insta-worthy cities across the U.S… Because, if you didn’t ‘gram it, did you even go?

These local it-girls dished on what to wear in Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Nashville, San Diego, Utah, Chicago and New York. You’re welcome.

Spoiler Alert: you may feel an itch to buy a plane ticket… like right now.




“Anytime I have friends visiting I always recommend the following: jean shorts, t-shirt/tank, converse or any comfortable sneaker, a light slouchy sweater, leather jacket, jeans, and a cute pair of heels for a night out. Sunnies are obviously a must in this sunny city as is a good SPF. Always leave a little space in your bag because LA has great shopping so you never know what you’ll want to bring back :)”

We always look to bachelor babe Lauren for minimal yet fashion-forward style inspo and wouldn’t trust anyone else for L.A. attire recommendations. She’s a pro when it comes to styling versatile pieces for every occasion. 

Shop Lauren’s L.A. style recs here: Cami NYC Tank, Free People Tee, MINKPINK Wrap Sweater, Line & Dot Sweater.

Be sure to check out Lauren on her blog, Sparkle in her Eye, and Insta for more inspo!



“Sneakers are the best for LA days. You’re walking around a lot! I love a good block heel or bootie for going out at night. I feel like we’re pretty casual and minimal. My favorites piece will always be an off the shoulder piece! As fall approaches, I love a good leather jacket, and am into dusters and jumpsuits right now.”

Amanda is another expert when it comes to packing. After all, she had to prep a suitcase for months on the Bachelor. We don’t know how she mixes boho, girly and laid-back so well, but she is definitely L.A. style goals.

Shop Amanda’s L.A. style recs here: FashionPass Off-The-Shoulder Top, FashionPass Black Jumper, Free People Old School Love Jumper, BB Dakota Suede Jacket.

Be sure to check out Amanda on her blog and Insta for more inspo!



“I would say if you are coming to LA just for the weekend that neutrals are key. I tend to gravitate towards black, nude, white and grey tops. This makes it easy to mix and match your tops with your bottoms. Regarding packing bottoms, I would bring a pair of nice black jeans (for the night outfits), a pair of jeans and one or two pairs of shorts. LA can be very hot during the afternoons and really cool down at night. A leather jacket or jean jacket is a must, because it should go with every outfit for night time!”

Whitney is another L.A. native, and her carefree yet sophisticated style has us wishing we could mix-and-match as well as her. No one else makes a simple tee and distressed jeans look as chic as she does. 

Shop Whitney’s L.A. style recs here: Line & Dot Sweater, Free People Cardi, Free People Tunic, Blue Life Bikini Top.

Be sure to check out Whitney on her blog and Insta for more inspo!



“To me, L.A. is all about elevated everyday basics and dressing in a way that’s put together without too much effort.  It’s easy to settle on cutoffs and flip flops, but even on the most casual days I like to step it up a notch with a light leather jacket, a sandal with a block heel or even a classic white tee tucked into jeans with an ankle boot. I couldn’t live without a pair of year-round black leather booties, lightly distressed denim that can be dressed up or down, and a neutral handbag I can toss all my daytime things into.”

Sophie styles L.A. like no other, and her femme yet edgy ways always have her one fashion-forward step ahead of everyone else. We were dying to get the 411 on her go-to pieces for the city of dreamers.

Shop Sophie’s L.A. style recs here: Cami NYC Tank, MINKPINK Sweater, BRUNETTE The Label Leather Jacket.

Be sure to check out Sophie on her blog, Angel Food Style, and Insta for more inspo!




“My main tip when visiting San Diego is to pack your layers! It can be VERY warm in the day, but it also can get a little chilly at night. Bring a swimsuit, cause the beach can happen almost all year long, jeans, sneakers, cute t-shirts, & some denim or fun bomber jackets! If you’re style is more edgy/high fashion- bring that too. San Diego isn’t as California Casual as some may think… we’ve got a pretty good style scene over here!”

San Diego local Erica Stolman unexpectedly turns a free-spirited beach town into the edgy and high-fashion city of our dreams, and we love everything about her San Diego style.

Shop Erica’s San Diego style recs here: Blue Life Bikini Top, Lush Bomber, Cami NYC Tank, Nightcap Playsuit.

Be sure to check out Erica on her blog, Fashion Lush, and Insta for more inspo!



“Go to pieces are a good pair of cutoff denim shorts because you never know when you’ll be heading to the beach, I love hats since I’m always trying to protect my skin from the sun, and a statement bag!”

Olia never fails to make a laid-back beach city feel extravagant. She emphasizes the importance of accessories, and if Olia recommends focusing on the details, you know we’re going to focus on the details.

Shop Olia’s San Diego style recs here: Nightcap Bodysuit to pair with a hat for the beach, Michael Stars Baseball CapKarina Grimaldi Detailed Dress, From St Xavier Clutch.

Be sure to check out Olia on her blog, Love, Oliaand Insta for more inspo!





“If you’re going to visit San Diego definitely bring a LARGE hat. It’s SUPER sunny here so it’s crucial to protect your skin & health. Also, pack less than you think you need. There are SO many cute shops plus there’s the beach- so you’ll be in your bikini a lot.”

Lauryn is our go-to when it comes to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips. That’s why we’re swearing by her advice to enjoy basking in the San Diego sun while keeping skin and health in mind.

Shop Lauryn’s San Diego style recs here: WYLDR Crochet Beach Crop, Blue Life Bikini Top.

Be sure to check out Lauryn on her blog, The Skinny Confidential, and Insta for more inspo!




“In Texas, less is more because it is so hot! Jeans are always appropriate and the bigger the hair the better! My pieces that I could not live without in Texas are my work out leggings (everyone wears them during the day) and a classic nude pump to throw on with jeans and a top for a fun night out!”

Dallas local Amy reminds us that less is more. It’s refreshing to know that a style expert of her caliber approves of a good pair of leggings and jeans. From casual-wear to formal-wear, Dallas encompasses it all. 

Shop Amy’s Dallas style recs here: FashionPass Mini Dress, FashionPass Overalls.

Be sure to check out Amy on her blog, Dallas Wardrobe, and Insta for more inspo!


@samanthabelbel @alexis.belbel

“I would always pack layers when visiting Dallas. The reason being it can be really warm one day in the fall and cool another day. An outfit like jeans, a tee and maybe a cardigan is great because you can always remove the cardigan if you get too warm.  Some of my go to pieces for Dallas are booties and sunglasses since they’re both versatile for any season.”

Alexis and Samantha are the most stylish sisters in Dallas, no question. Although Dallas seems like it’d be all sun, they remind us that layers are essential. The Belbel sisters teach us how to be prepared for any temperature while looking fashionable. It’s a win, win! 

Shop Alexis and Samantha’s Dallas style recs here: Sonix Sunglasses, Free People Cardi, Line & Dot Cardi.

Be sure to check out Alexis and Samantha on their blog, A Double Dose, for more inspo!




“When traveling to Nashville, my best advice is to pack clothes that best reflect your personal style.  Nashville fashion is not defined by one particular style…it is rather divergent.  Much of our fashion community has been influenced by the music industry but it has also evolved over time with the influence of so many other creative fashion forward individuals.  I personally cannot live without a great pair of jeans, ankle booties, a leather bag, and a wide brim hat.  Of course a killer pair of cowgirl boots are a must as well…they offer comfort and ease while venturing around our amazing city!”

Nashville fashionista Brooke advises travelers that although dressing to the southern flair is fun, Nashville’s eclectic culture embraces individuality of any kind. From velvet with leather to cheetah with florals, Brooke never fails to make a statement.  

Shop Brooke’s Nashville style recs here: Lucca Couture Top, J.O.A. Blouse, FashionPass Floral Set, Lucca Couture Dress.

Be sure to check out Brooke on her blog, KBStyled, and Insta for more inspo!



“When visiting Nashville, I would say not to forget your favorite pair of jeans, a comfy plaid button down, a great mid-weight field jacket and a fun pair of boots. And yes, we love to accessorize so stack on a few bracelets, a fun necklace, and a crossbody since you’ll likely be touring a ton of fun places in Music City ;)”

Nashville’s Natasha gives us her insider tips on dressing for “music city” and shares that it’s all in the accessories… so we’re going to listen! 

Shop Natasha’s Nashville style recs here: Free People Field Jacket, Chan Luu Opal PendantEttika Lariat Necklace, House of Harlow Wrap Bracelet, FashionPass Purse

Be sure to check out Natasha on her blog, Hello Happiness, and Insta for more inspo!



“Nashville is all about approachable fashion with an edge. A great pair of booties, leather jacket, graphic band tees (vintage makes them even better), plaid shirts, and handmade accessories by local designers like Brooke Worthington or Vintage pieces curated by Arrows and Anchors Antiques are my go-to’s!”

Ashley reveals that your Nashville wardrobe shouldn’t only be cowboy boots and plaid shirts, but can be edgy. Now we’re not afraid to rock a band tee or leather jacket in this fashion-forward city.

Shop Ashley’s Nashville style recs here: Free People Tee, Show Me Your Mumu JacketBRUNETTE The Label Leather Jacket.

Be sure to check out Ashley on her blog, Beau and Arrow, and Insta for more inspo!




“When visiting Utah in the winter, you know it’ll be chilly! We never know if it’ll be perfectly brisk, or bone-chilling cold so we prepare for both with lots of warm layers. We love a chic, waterproof puffer jacket because you never know when you’ll be caught in a snowstorm. A cute beanie will keep you toasty, and don’t forget your Sorel winter boots! They’re a favorite with the locals.”

Fashion icon Jackie shared the local’s secret to surviving in Utah’s cold weather. Her style tips were so golden we didn’t even think to run them by any other Utah natives.

Shop Jackie’s Utah style recs here: Free People Layering Top, Lush Bomber Jacket, Michael Stars Beanie, Michael Stars Cashmere Gloves.

Be sure to check out Jackie on her blog, Little J Styleand Insta for more inspo!




“It may sound funny, but I don’t go outside without a light jacket or something, even on hottest Florida days. The thing is you’re ok while outside, it’s always hot, but when you get inside the office/mall/restaurant – it’s freezing cold. I love to style a shirt as a layer. Skirts or pants – it always looks appropriate! And don’t forget about a bottle of water. Fashion is fashion, but hydration first!”

Tanya reminds us that although Florida is known to bring the heat, you should still plan to layer. It’s not only practical, but Tanya proves that layering can make a fashion statement.

Shop Tanya’s Miami style recs here: BB Dakota Jacket, and try pairing our Free People Layer Top under our Free People Old School Love Jumper.

Be sure to check out Tanya on her blog, HIDEMYCOAT, and Insta for more inspo!




“Chicago, is one of those beautiful but totally bi-polar cities where you can go from 80’s to 30’s in just about a day or two. So plan on lots of layers. I love a floral dress layered with a leather moto jacket and sneakers or boots for fall. There are tons of beautiful architecture to see in Chicago, therefore a comfortable shoe is a must. You’ll be doing a ton of walking. If leather is not your thing? I’m totally into the sporty, athleisure look. Take it to that die hard Chicago lover and wear a BULLS jersey over a hoodie and pair it up with a mini skirt. With some high top sneaks, you’ll look cool, sporty and totally unexpected!”

Helen shows us that Chicago is the place to mix-and-match. Bust out a leather jacket with a floral dress or a jersey with a skirt and you’re bound to take the “windy city” by storm.

Shop Helen’s Chicago style recs here: Lucca Couture Dress, Show Me Your Mumu Jacket.

Be sure to check out Helen on her blog and Insta for more inspo!




“To begin with, the weather in New York is unpredictable, so you want to look stylish, but at the same time be comfortable. I usually prefer to combine lighter pieces such as a dresses or shorts with blouses and high-boots and a scarf. I always have a jacket with me, in case it starts to rain or get cooler. Pack a lot of black pieces, T-shirts with prints and of course don’t forget the jeans. One more must-have is a leather jacket. You can wear it absolutely with anything, just throw your black biker jacket on top of your outfit and there you go, now you are a real New York girl.”

Last but not least, fashionista Mary shares her style tips for the big apple. She suggests pairing lighter pieces with heavier pieces while embracing an edgy ensemble to truly embody New York street style.

Shop Mary’s New York style recs here: Michael Stars Scarf, For Love & Lemons Mini Dress, Cami NYC Tank, Line & Dot Blouse, BRUNETTE The Label Leather Jacket.

Be sure to check out Mary on her YouTube and Insta for more inspo!


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